Event Planning
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Scientific and
Medical Events

TRI directs your events planning efforts and saves you resources, time, and stress by conceptualizing, creating, managing, and executing all types of events. TRI Certified Meeting Planners provide full-service events planning and take care of all phases of your unique project to fulfill your goals, demands, and logistics needs.

Clinical Research

Our expertise in biopharmaceutical product development is used toward the creation of unique events that meet your clinical research program needs and your company’s overall strategic goals. For example, our team not only manages the preparation, logistics, and delivery of your investigators meetings, we also ensure accurate assimilation of the meeting’s content by using interactivity optimization methods that promote opinions and expertise sharing throughout your event, resulting in clear understanding of your clinical trial’s regulations, protocol, and procedures.

Professional Development

Our Certified Meetings Planners provide your employees and research team with the necessary tools and knowledge they need to succeed and build your company’s reputation and credibility through the organization of high quality professional development events. Our workshops, trainings, and seminars’ curriculums and instructional designs are custom-made to answer your specific goals, follow andragogical methodologies, and apply techniques that maximize participants’ learning and networking experience.


We generate new business for your company and create a multitude of networking opportunities via exhibit management and conference planning. We manage all phases of the event planning process from pre-meeting planning to on-site support to post-meeting management which includes activities such as program and content development, venues and vendors’ selection, event materials preparation, advertising, registration management, and event’s evaluation through survey results assessment and ROI analysis for example.

Key Services

  • Scientific and Medical Events
    • Investigator Meetings
    • Workshops/Seminars
    • Board Meetings
    • Large Conferences/Training Events
    • Exhibit Management

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