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TRI’s experienced market research team defines your target market, determines the best approach to capture data and essential statistics in a timely and cost-effective fashion, and designs detailed and ready-to-use analysis for your specified market.

We offer market research services throughout all stages of your outreach campaign. We develop the outreach strategy by drafting a detailed action plan that assesses the current situation, identifies outreach goals of a new campaign, type of research required, target audience, potential partners and other stakeholders. Our market research methodologies are designed to seize a broad range of key information, such as campaign branding preference, advertising mix, predicted message adoption that will drive your outreach efforts.

Our Market Research team facilitates understanding of your target market by collecting and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data used to enhance decision-making, perfect strategies, and improve performance. After collection, our communications team transforms raw data into comprehensive and useful information.

Key Services:

  • Market Research
    • Focus groups and audience testing programs on:
      • brand recognition
      • marketing message effectiveness
      • design and feature responsiveness
      • psychological price barriers
    • Multi-platform survey administration: Web, face-to-face, or telephone
    • Data collection, review and analysis
    • Publications and reports

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