TRI´s significant training expertise has helped to ensure clients´ business needs and regulatory requirements are steadfastly met. Specifically for AE/SAE reporting, TRI provides case study exercises based on real cases that highlight specific common errors; thereby, providing clear examples to trainees of accurate reporting. We create trainings on MedDRA coding, medical monitoring, and signal detection.

Key Services

  • Training
    • eLearning, webinar, and face-to-face formats
    • AE/SAE reporting
    • Pharmacovigilance
    • MedDRA coding
    • Medical monitoring
    • Signal detection

TRI understands that convenience and comprehension are the keys to successful learning; therefore, our trainings are delivered in a wide variety of mediums, including: self-guided, webinar, web conference, live face-to-face, and print. TRI applies the ADDIE Method (analysis, design, develop, implement, and evaluate) to each training program. All approaches can incorporate a variety of presentation formats including demonstrations, simulations, scenarios, and case studies. Each training program we provide accounts for the size of your audience, cultural disparities, wide ranges in clinical research experience, disparity in clinical research roles, and whether the trainees originate from domestic or international clinical sites. Our methodology in developing training programs ensures the concepts and ideas conveyed are accessible to all learning types: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

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