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What Makes TRI a CRO+?

What Makes

We are more than a CRO. We offer a broad array of health communication services such as multi-level event planning and execution, design and implementation of marketing and outreach campaigns, multi-media design, focus groups, surveys, trainings, and product launches. We have won numerous commendations for our work including several Telly, Videographer, and MarCom awards recognizing our quality, creativity, and resourcefulness. This expertise allows us to serve as the communication nexus between trial subjects, investigators, and regulators.

With in-house resources, we provide the life sciences industry a wide spectrum of communication services such as the conception and implementation of:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Participant Recruitment and Retention Campaigns
  • Scientific and Medical Meetings, including Investigators’ Meetings
  • Advisory Committee Meeting Presentations
  • Site Staff Training Programs
  • Product Launches

TRI offers comprehensive services to take your drug, vaccine, biologic, and medical device development to the next level.

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